Reliable Concrete Contractor Phoenix

If you are looking for a concrete contractor Phoenix, it’s always best to do a little research on the companies in town. You can start with the city of Phoenix and its metropolitan area. The next step is to search for concrete service providers that are listed in the phone book under the same name. A quick search on Google will provide a list of businesses in the area that do this kind of work.

concrete contractor phoenix

One concrete contractor in Phoenix that is especially popular among construction projects is Tony Lama. A former employee of the now-defunct Anabolic Materials Corporation, Lama received his education at the University of Arizona. Later, he went to work for the United States Army Corp of Engineers, where he worked as an architectural engineer. After that, he opened his own contracting company. Today, his focus is on large projects such as swimming pools decking and stamped concrete projects.

Another good concrete contractor in Phoenix Arizona that should be mentioned is Mark Shanks, whose company has been in the business for over 35 years. Like Lama, he received his education at the University of Arizona, but his career really began working as an architect. He worked on many major projects such as the Hoover Dam. Today, Shanks leads a team of architects and engineers that are responsible for the upkeep of the massive structure.

A concrete contractor in Phoenix that also contributes his services to the community is Mike Johnson. A former employee of A.M. Best and Co., he received his education at the University of Utah. Now he works with Phoenix based architects to complete concrete masonry projects. Most of his time is spent on large projects such as a 30-acre park that offers activities for both children and adults.

John Caine is another concrete contractor in Phoenix, who has led his own crew of workers in numerous construction projects. His crew has helped complete projects such as the Salt River Valley National Monument. Now Caine leads a crew that is responsible for the maintenance of the Grand Canyon’s Hoover Dam. Caine has been in the construction business for more than three decades. Like many others, he feels that it takes many years of experience to learn how to manage different types of construction projects.

Although there are many qualified and experienced concrete contractors in Phoenix, you should not restrict yourself to just one. You should get in touch with several of them to see which one can provide you with what you need. Even if you decide to work with a contractor that only has a general engineering background, it doesn’t mean that they are not qualified to perform concrete works. As long as they have the right credentials, then you can put your faith in them.