What Do Enamel Dental Studio Services Offer?

Enamel Dental Studio is a dental clinic which offers services of cosmetic dentistry. It is located at 9th Street, Suite 101 New York, NY. It is one of the most popular dental clinics in New York and it accepts the insurance of all the insuring organizations. The main aim of Enamel Dental Studio is to provide quality and efficient dental care services to the patients. As far as the services are concerned, they follow the international standards for dental treatments and hence offer services like teeth cleaning, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, teeth bleaching, bridges, crowns, and orthodontics etc.

Enamel Dental Studio has two full staff members over all its places and produces yearly revenue of $68,534 (USD). All the services offered by them are free of cost except the teeth cleanings and the consultation of the patient. The main aim of this dental practice is to prevent tooth decay and other dental diseases. Since the main cause of tooth decay is the improper food and drinking habits, the treatment provided here revolves around educating the people about good dental habits and maintaining those to avoid tooth decay. They also provide hygiene and general health education to the people. The services offered by them are also extended to pregnant women, kids and young adults.

The main services offered by the Enamel Dental Studio are the filling of the cavity with porcelain or composite material in case there are any tooth decay, cleaning of teeth and the treatment of chipped teeth. All these services are provided to the patients without any referral or prior approval from the patient. The services offered are also extended to the patients who have any form of heart or nervous system disease. The services of this place are also extended to the patients who are drug addicts, past drug users and those who are suffering from any form of mental disorder.

There are certain standards and guidelines which are followed by the Enamel Dental Studio for the services provided. First of all, the clinic follows accepted dental practices so that the services offered by them are not only safe but also effective. Before the treatment starts, the patients are asked to adhere to hygiene and dietary habits so that the enamel coating on the teeth remains intact and does not get damaged. If the required precautions are not taken, the services can prove harmful.

Before a patient is asked to undergo any type of treatment, a thorough examination of teeth is conducted to identify any type of disease or infection and also any underlying medical condition. After the examination, if required medicines are given in the prescribed dosage. If you wish to use any form of treatment after the treatment is completed, you are free to do so. The fee charged by Enamel Dental Studio is a set up fee, which covers all the above mentioned services. They offer these services at affordable rates since they have no overhead expenses. They also provide emergency care at the same time.

Enamel Dental Studio offers the same quality of services which are offered by the dental surgeons. However, the services rendered by them are more cost-effective since they do not have to bear the cost of a professional surgeon. Enamel Dental Studio also provides pain-free treatment, which means that the patients are able to eat food without any pain.